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Day Trading University and Trade Company Money

Day Trading University and Trade Company Money
So this one is interesting. A forex trading program that has three "proprietary" indicators that have been producing 90% successful trades for 20+ years. They give you a 30 day demo experience in which you download software, webinars, a coach whom you actually speak with every few days, and other shit. There are even in person events and conferences.
I notice that this system is pitched on numerous websites, but the training is all the same site (

The one I am in contact with is

They give you a company funded account and you keep 60-80% of the profits depending on which coaching program you choose. These Programs range from $7500-$22,000! Thats not a typo. $22,000! They encourage people to get a loan and damn near guarantee you can pay it off in less than a year, because of all the money you are going to make.

The three indicators are apparently found no where else. They are essentially an algorithmic hack. I posted a picture of what it looks like below. Just a bunch of lines that follow candles during live trading. They literally tell you when to trigger a trade based on their position. They are the Total Number Threshold indicator (TNT), Majors and Minors, and Pressure indicator. I posted a pic of it.

What stands out to me is:

I see no discussions of this on Reddit or anywhere else
They are SOOO Damn expensive compared to all the other scams.
Trade company money's youtube channel has comments disabled. huh?
The software is old 90's microsoft style.

Has anyone else heard of this, or seen a variation of it?
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